Secret Garden

A little princess has a little secret garden for over the years ago

Where she can spends her time whenever she feels alone

She goes there just to stare each and everything inside

And feels the warmest atmosphere where she can’t get when she is not there

She can’t stop thanking inside her heart

When she always find pleasure and beautiful art

When she can always brings its fresh smell everywhere she goes

And remembering its astonishing moves of nature when the leaves fall from its tree

She just wants to go there when she feels sad

Watching a hundred beautiful flowers blooming

Feels the peaceful when the birds sing their song of love

or just lies and cries in its brittle green grass waiting for the rainbow comes

and sees the light of full moon covered with hundreds stars

But she can’t just tells anyone about it

Her little garden is out of sight, hidden

She can’t share her happiness

She can’t shows to the world that she has a truly lovely garden

But she just doesn’t care

She loves her secret garden unconditionally

That she will always remember when she grows old

A thousands memory she will never forgets

16 may 2009 : 02.10am : the secret garden is you.


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