A Little Thank You

Thank you for the-first-birthday-saying
Thank you for a life-so-much-wonderful-when-you’re-around

Thank you for great lasagna in the morning
Thank you for a kiss from a beloved mom
Thank you for a great-but-silly-dinner
Thank you for ‘siapa-pertama-siapa-pertama?!’
Thank you for a very-very long distance calling
Thank you for a marvelous celebration
Thank you for so many kisses at the office
Thank you for wish lists from you
Thank you for a belated gift
Thank you all great greetings
Thank you for a little ordinary cake
Thank you for that damned-stupid-dancing
Thank you for a nice-closing-birthday-greeting

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

Happy birthday to, Abang, Ricky, Diana, who celebrate their birthday on
the same date..
We are definitely being 25 on 25 july 🙂


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