Last Flight Out

I am sending you the wind blows
With astonishing sound of pachelbel
I am asking a thousand of dews
Showering you when the morning comes
I am singing a love song in my heart
On your beautiful day
I am taking stars light in the sky
For you to seize the very first night
I am catching a light of a sparkling fire
To keep your love and luck alive
I am giving you all my prays
To overwhelm you happiness

Thank you for sending me a bird’s singing. For I know I will never alone when the night comes, when the day go dark, when the rainbow suddenly disappear, or when the storm go wild. Thank you for wishing me good days, another great days with a lot of delights. For I know there always another rainbow after the rain, there always another dews in every morning comes, there always another sign in the irreligious dark. Thank you for the spirit for most of all time. For I know I always have strength that never end.

Dear Aurora,

This beautiful morning dews are for you. This spring pouring rain is for you. This Flowering of daisy and lilac that keep blooming are for you. This countless birdsongs are for you.

Reflecting my heart.

Happiness, that is.

:: 26.04.08. 1.37 am. Silent room. Pachelbel Canon Violin, Piano & Guitar. Happily ever after. When two become one. ::


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