If it is yes, it only makes you stronger

Dear Aurora,

Yesterday a friend of mine was telling me that she tought her boyfriend is having an affair with another woman. She’s having a nine years relationship with him and she’s afraid that their relationship will be ended with this affair. She’s so sad and confused, seems that she is standing at the intersection of her life. She thought that she feels the things between the lines and I can feel her anger, her sadness, the betrayal yet the abandoned feelings.

I know that it’s totally wrong by having an affair, but what if the feeling of love itself is leading us to love someone beyond our control? What if the more we hide the feelings the stronger it can turn out to? What if the affair we have is more than physical attraction when the heart beating always comes afterwards?

I’ve been there before and it has ended with a heartache and pain with no name. And for again, I have learned more about feeling, that sometimes –only sometimes- love might be just a word, physical attraction that drowning you into false expectation or making you into a big jokes in the end. And it’s only makes me stronger and stronger, makes me dance in a heavy rain between the tears, makes me smile in a thousand of doubts in my head, makes me keep walking with my head up high, and I know, she can through this better than me.

I’m going to tell her that she will be just okay. That she will be just fine whatever things happen in her next tiny steps. That she will come to the best understanding what it’s truly meant with a warm-hearted.

:: let’s share our laughters and pains from now and then 😀 bebs ..::


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